About Steve

Hi guys,

Steve here, with a little bit of info about this blog site.

I’m a local St. Cloud boy with family that has its roots in the area. We still get together most Sundays at my granddaddy’s place out on the lake and hang together for the afternoon. It’s like a tradition or a ritual now. Whatever family can show up shows up. The kids jump off the dock and swim in the lake, or one of us fires up the airboat and takes them out for a spin. The rest of the fam sits under the oaks in adirondack┬áchairs drinking sweet tea or beer or whatever, just chillin’ together.

So I’m all about this town. I’ve seen tons of growth in my years growing up here. Can’t say I like all of it, but I’m not going to buck it. Instead I’d like to encourage it and see good stuff come our way.

This blog site is about that: encouraging the good stuff. So you’ll find articles from different trades and industries. My goal is to mark trade growth and provide info to keep it true and healthy.

Hope ya’ll find the articles helpful!

St. Cloud Steve